Finding Bifrost

Finding BifrostAlthough it’s officially the second installment in my Journey to Valhalla Suite, Finding Bifrost was the last song recorded.  It almost didn’t make the cut!  I don’t even remember why, maybe because was so different from the other three pieces.  The beginning part is probably my favorite of all the four songs in the suite. Each of the parts has its own “flavor” for this song it’s the very modern, very upbeat sound.  Every time I listened to it I liked it more, so I had to include it into the greater work.

In Norse mythology, the Bifrost was the bridge between our world, Midgard and home of the gods: Asgard. No journey to Valhalla would be possible without one first Finding Bifrost. As for the song, the rhythm carries the listener to the next destination.

Finding Bifrost is now available on Amazon along with the rest of the Journey to Valhalla Suite.


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