A little more comfortable with Comfortably Numb

I consider myself to be pretty good at doing original songs, but cover tunes– not so much. I sit down and learn the first few lines of a song and then the ADD kicks in and I move on to something else. Last week my friend asked if I’d join him and a couple of others to do Comfortably Numb for open mic. Since he was doing one ot the guitar parts (no way I was going to tackle a Dave Gilmour solo!) But they needed a keyboardist so I said yes. Long story short, four of us went on stage without any rehearsal together and played (after a false start) a decent but not exactly stellar rendition. As it was the only song we had prepared, we did it again, this time with better results. So, I learned: A- That I could learn a cover to fake book standards with about 3 days notice,  B- That even a tiny bit more rehearsal can make for better music. C- It can be easy to blow off practice when it’s only you that loses out, but when other people are counting on you, that can be a great motivator to put in some extra time working on music.  So, the next time you see your favorite band in concert and they absolutely nail it, think about all the hours of practice and rehearsal that you didn’t see.


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