The Best Laid Plans…


Time Cheatsheet PicThe best laid plans… In war it’s said that no battle plan survives the first shot being fired. Such was the case last night at open mic. My friends Bob, Phyllis and I colluded to do two Floyd songs… Time and Any Colour You Like. I’d practiced them at home, I was even prepared to sing the Richard Wright vocal parts to Time. That was the plan. Unlike doing your own gig, this open mic venue supplies the keyboard, all set up to use. Problem for me is, I’ve never used that model before so I was lost at the controls. Long story short I was so focused on figuring out the settings that I totally forgot to set up my mic at sound check! Luckily, Phillis was prepared to sing both parts. Any Colour You Like of course is an instrumental, so no such problem there. We did the first take with a backing track, which is great if you can rehearse together, or know the song inside and out. We had plenty of time (no pun intended) left, so we took another stab at it, but without the backing track. The result was a pretty good jam, loosely based on the song.


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