What’s your favorite patriotic song?

What is your favorite modern Patriotic American Song?  … More What’s your favorite patriotic song?


The Best Laid Plans…

My friends Bob, Phyllis and I colluded to do two Floyd songs… Time and Any Colour You Like. I’d practiced them at home, I was even prepared to sing the Richard Wright vocal parts to Time. That was the plan. Unlike doing your own gig, this open mic venue supplies the keyboard, all set up to use. Problem for me is, I’ve never used that model before so I was lost at the controls. … More The Best Laid Plans…

Good news for indie artists who perform cover tunes

It used to be CD Baby would only handle your original material. I don’t know, but I would assume they’d let you include really old, royalty-free standards like Oh, Dem Golden Slippers or something too. Recently, I’ve found that they have a new service for marketing your cover songs. For a fee of course, they take care of the licencing, royalties, etc., relieving you of all the hassle. … More Good news for indie artists who perform cover tunes

Valhalla as Finale

The last part of the Journey to Valhalla Suite is of course, Valhalla.  Valhalla in Norse myth is the palatial estate of the gods.  My music for this climax to the JTVS had to convey a sense of majesty.  Of course, there’s no outdoing Wagner’s Entrance of the God’s into Valhalla on the subject, but my … More Valhalla as Finale